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Social Distancing - Reduce Movement, Reduce Risk

Social Distancing – Reduce Movement, Reduce Risk 


As many industries return to work are you prepared for the new normal? With strict social distancing measures likely to be in place for the foreseeable future two-way radios will be a vital tool in ensuring staff are safe at all times and employers are fulfilling their duty of care.

Many people seem to think social distancing is purely about keeping a 2-meter distance. However, it is vital to reduce movement and reduce the risk of cross-department contamination.

Ask yourself is there a requirement for staff to move between departments contaminating surfaces in the process and wasting valuable time when they could simply press a button and instantly convey the same message or ask the same question, without putting themselves or others at risk.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear if employers will be held accountable for any breakouts on site. Protect yourself, protect your employees and protect your business. By issuing staff with two-way radios they have no excuse to be moving around site unnecessarily and therefore any claims would be easily dismissed.

It is great to see garden centres are finding value in using two-way radios to communicate as a team to ensure the safety of staff and customers alike are at the forefront of operations.    

The benefits of two-way radios don’t stop when normality returns. Reap the rewards of instant team communication long term as all staff will be kept informed instantly at all times resulting in fewer mistakes and a clearer way of working. As staff will be in a routine of using radios to ask questions this reduces the amount of wasted time aimlessly wandering around site leading to long term productivity gains.

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