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Welcome to Radioswap Ltd

Although this site is full ecommerce we welcome conversation and interaction. Buying Two Way Radios is not always straight forward and we would rather you have the best solution for your requirements and environment. Our advice is free and without obligation. Our phone number and contact email are on most pages of this site. We also welcome your old equipment in part exchange and buy equipment that you no longer need.

Need help? tel: 01709 700 720 email:

Need help? tel: 01709 700 720 email:

Need help? tel: 01709 700 720 email:

Need help? tel: 01709 700 720 email:

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Visit our own video channel explaining the many radios on offer.

Please feel free to browse through our wide range of simple informative videos. These are available on both our YouTube and Vimeo channels.


 We welcome your feedback. If you would like us to cover a specific Two Way Radio or other associated products please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Who are we?

Our Director Chris Medlock has been in the radio communications industry since the late 1990s, and traded as Radioswap (self employed) until 2007 when he incorporated to become Radioswap Ltd.


Radioswap Ltd have supplied over 35,000 customers on every continent, from individual users through to emergency services, county councils, education sector and multi-national companies.


Radioswap prides itself on being a totally independent radio communications company supplying both new and refurbished equipment from all the major manufacturers including; Motorola, Entel, Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Simoco, Tait, Vertex and our own brand Tritan.


We also supply a wide range of genuine and compatible accessories to support your new purchase or current system. So whatever your budget Radioswap can provide a cost effective solution for you. We also offer a price match guarantee.


To make your buying experience simple for you we offer many of our products in package deals i.e. Set of Two or Set of Six radios. We make it clear that these products are ready to use upon arrival and what licence is required if any.


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